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Microsoft Disabled Usb/SD Ports

Has Microsoft Deliberately Disabled Usb/SD Ports in The Surface Pro 3?

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New Member
Well, I bought my full spec Surface Pro 3 a few years back.US$ 2500 plus is what it cost then.
Everything was ok till now.For the past 6 months my USB and SD Ports are dead.
The charger though OEM stopped charging ages ago but can charged if pressed down with a clip.
Believe me,I am well versed in computers,and have done EVERYTHING out there to try and resolve the problems with the USB and SD cards.
There is no doubt that Microsoft is behind this.How can two ports be dead just like that?
Microsoft wants us to buy a new device?It must be so.
This is unacceptable.There are so many questions and answers trying to deal with this
issue out there and the fixes that Microsoft is offering,uninstall your drivers bla bla....refresh bla bla bla dont work.
There must have been a secret update with an exploitative planned obsolescence behind it all.
My take.Would be glad to hear from somebody having these issues.
Good day.