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Problem with keys appearing to be stuck when typing on SP2 TC2 or on-screen keyboard


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After rebooting my system, I take back what I said: sticking is still there. It could have just been that the device wasn't fully re-enabled. There is a slight change to it, however: letters stop being held after 5 seconds, that is, if I hold it down in Word, it will "release" the key after 5 seconds even though my finger is still pressing the key down. Sadly, this isn't the case with shift which does still stick after holding it for ~5 seconds.

Bah. Gonna disable it again.


Bummer, thanks for the update.

I saw on some other forum that a guy figured out how to get Panos' phone number... and started leaving messages about Surface bugs! Need to get that guy on this case, heh.

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