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Problem with OneNote conversion from handwriting to text


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Hey guys,

I've been using OneNote for all of my class notes and other miscellany. The only problem with it is that I'm not able to convert handwriting to text. No matter how I set the "Pen Mode" under "Tools", I just can't get my handwriting to turn to text when I lasso my text, right click, and select "convert handwriting to text". In addition, "convert handwriting to text" only appears some of the time.

Do you guys have any ideas?

Much appreciated,


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I gave up on converting handwriting to text when I read Surface Pro doesn't support Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Tom T

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Under the Draw menu select, all the way to the right I think, Ink to Text. It will convert all ink on the page. No reason the lasso tool won't work for you, lasso and when you right click select Ink to Text. Ink to Math is also available.


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For some reason I have never been able to get started with OneNote - Seems like too much hassle for what it does. Is it really that good and easy to use. My previous experience has been with Evernote.


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I use Evernote and OneNote both, and find the latter is the former on Steroids. As with everything with apps and programs, it depends on what you're trying to accomplish, as to whether OneNote is "too much hassle," although I find OneNote as easy to use as Evernot.

Tom T

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OneNote is quite simple, but with powerful features that you can kind of discover incrementally. At first I used it a lot like Catch notes, but soon discovered it is a great outliner for my needs as well. Now it is by far the most used app on any of my computers, the Android app was the final piece that allowed me to drop any other Note app.