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Problem with USB ADC -HRT Linestreamer+


Hi all.
I've got a problem trying to record audio on my SP3 I5/8GB/256GB -as is at least one other person over here : Audacity Forum View topic - monitor/recording freezes immediately

I'm using Audacity 2.0.6 with an HRT linestreamer+, which is detected fine by Windows as an 'Audio Endpoint' requiring no special drivers.
However when I try and record, about 1 second of audio comes in before it dies.
Things I've verified so far:
  1. The ADC hardware is fine - it works plugged into a linux machine, on my wife's old I3/4GB laptop running Windows 8.1, and even with a linux guest in Virtualbox on the SP3
  2. Same result whether I use USB off the Surface Dock (UBS3 or USB2) or the SP3 itself
  3. The problem is there with Audacity or windows' standard Sound Recorder
I'm leaning to thinking it's a USB subsystem thing (?), and I know there have been some discussions about the SP3 USB elsewhere.
Any suggestions welcome!


Use the HRT Update Utility To make sure the firmware is up to date.
Ensure the driver is 64bit. http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Windows_8_OS

Edit - Removed items after rereading.

If it works on a Linux VM on the SP3 it seems it has to be drivers.
Hi GreyFox7 - thanks for your input!

As for needing a 64 bit driver - because the device "makes use of the native Audio Class1.0 drivers that are present in all modern PC, Mac & Linux computers, so there are no extra drivers or software to install", there is nothing to update or install in windows-land on the SP3. I verified through Device Manager that there really was no driver, no option to update etc, and when I first plugged it in it was recognised immediately in the Sound/Recording Devices area, so that all sounds kosher.

Your suggestion to use the HRT update utility for the firmware sounded like a really good one.
So I did that, and the update utility failed with 'Unable to write EEPROM', since which the device appears bricked! No lights showing at all, Device Manager sees only an 'Unknown' in 'Other Devices' (where previously it was recognised in Audio inputs and outputs) .
When I attempt to re-run the update utility now, it just gives me 'No Device Found'.

So at this point I'm back to HRT support - thanks for your time!!