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Problems With Update to Windows 10 Build 10074


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I had been running an earlier build of Windows 10 but went back to Windows 8.1 quite a while ago. I recently decided to try out the new build so did the update to Windows 10 Preview Build 10074. I immediately noticed the following:

1 .The connection to my external monitor (through the dock) didn't work
2. Windows 10 couldn't see any Ethernet adapter (again, I have my SP3 in the dock)
3. Windows 10 stated it couldn't find any wireless adapters.

Prior to installation I saved the latest Surface Pro3 driver package (SurfacePro3_150501) to my downloads directory and tried to install the drivers but it said there were none for the operating system (apparently they are only for Windows 8.1 ???).

Has anyone run into this and if so, any solutions? I'm back at 8.1 now but would really like to be on Build 10074. Thanks for any help!