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Programs start, then disappear


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I have had my Surface Pro 3 for about a week. All was working fine. Today, when I clicked to start OneNote, the splash screen would pop up, and then minimize. When I click on it, it maximizes, then minimizes almost immediately. It never gets beyond the splash screen to the program. It was working perfectly before.

Now Netflix, which was working fine, is doing the same.

I uninstalled both and reinstalled several times. OneNote is now working, but Netflix still just shows the splash screen and will not stay maximized, and will not move beyond the splash screen.

Any ideas?


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Welcome aboard! The splash screen means that the App is crashing. Try uninstalling it and reinstalling it.


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Have you changed any Firewall or UAC Settings? What are you using for Antivirus? You can also from the Store Settings Update you can try to Sync your Licenses...

Another thing that can cause these types of crashes is spotty connectivity...