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Don't know how many here have heard about this (probably common knowledge among most of you!), but there's a new surface pro 1/2 case that has a built-in hub (3 USB 3.0 ports, CF card reader, SD card reader and a greater degree of screen adjustability) due to be released later this month. Not for everyone, as it looks to add a bit to the overall thickness, but good enough perhaps for those of us who need a mobile workstation on occasion and don't want to deal with a spider's nest of cables. I purchased one and will let you all know how it is when (or if!) I get it.

ProKASE - Mobile Dock for the Microsoft Surface Pro & Surface Pro 2 | Indiegogo


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Like it in theory, but have to just wonder if I want and need a case like this, why not just carry my laptop or an ultrabook? Keep us posted when you receive the case, would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for sharing, I had yet to see this.


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Looks cool. But rather bulky. I'm buying a hub for 7 euros on Amazon and just leaving it at work. At home I don't have a need to really use the tablet for more than 1 USB device at a time. But we'll see. I have a carrying case + my type keyboard (and a screen protector just in case hehe).

But it does look like a nice case solution! I'm not not too interested in because it looks really bulky and there goes my slim padded carrying case. I don't like these kinds of cases because dust can get into it and scratch the sides and back. That's why I prefer a different kind of case.

I bought this one: Kensington Soft Carrying Case for 10 inch Tablets: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories

Rather in expensive and really nice innards.