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Kickstarter Surface Pro case that has expansion ports

I really dislike case in general as I feel they ruin the device by hiding and destroying the design. That said, this case sums up about everything that is wrong with a case. Take a great looking device and hide it, while making it larger and heavier.
Seems like they have updated their comments section of the KS page today that they are considering a design of a type cover, with ports and possible battery. I doubt this is something they could change now in the processes. but at least they are listening.
Seriously homely.

You could buy a USB hub, and glue it on the back for the same extra ports. And it might even be better looking.

I mean, come on, the Surface is an example of absolutely beautiful design. Stunning. Who would buy something that would hide that?

Not to mention carrying spare microSD cards, or a wireless hard drive, etc. etc. if you really need extra storage space.

The problem with these kickstarter campaigns for accessories for tech devices is that the process of prototyping, testing, producing, and distributing product for someone who has never done it before is usually a longer timeline than the device's useful lifespan. You might get the product you paid for, but you may not own the device anymore or it may be darn near the end of its life.
Hi Everyone,

I'm one of the developers for the ProKASE. Anyone who has been through the product device design process will tell you that creating a product goes through a cycle of design, prototyping, and revising countless times before it's created. So this time we may have missed the mark for some of you, but we really do welcome the harsh criticism because that is how a better product is made.

Based on all the comments we've been getting we'll be:
- Incorporating a pen holder into the ProKASE for sure (pictures of a prototype will be taken and will be uploaded to kickstarter).
- The USB plug will be integrated into the case instead of a separate piece.

As for design change from a back panel cover to something more minimalist with a battery, that will take a bit more time but still doable, and it's in the pipeline. The question is whether or not Kickstarter will allow us to add a reward level for the design overhaul or if it would need an entirely new Kickstarter campaign.

Like someone said previously, the time to market is extremely crucial for crowd funding, but this isnt our first rodeo either. While this is our first time on Kickstarter, we've been through the product development process for medical devices before, and let me tell you, the FDA doesnt joke around with their requirements. But at the same time, the FDA seems like a walk in the park now, compared to the consumer product industry lol.

With that said, we're still hopeful for the ProKASE, and whatever pledge you can do will help us for this time and the next! Remember, if the campaign doesnt reach its goal by the end, no one gets charged money!

In any kase, keeep the ideas coming!

I love that someone is working on something .. accessory wise for the surface. But I am really only interested in a battery option, sleek and nimble. But I will give you my moral support. :cry:good luck with this project.
The case would absolutely have to have a place to hold the digital pen, the magnet clip on it is a major design flaw and 100% useless other then showing people how magnets work.

Microsoft hinted at a battery keyboard coming out for the Surface Pro. Honestly I would of spent an extra 200 bucks for a thicker longer battery life Surface Pro from that start, but then again people complain about the weight of it as is.
Hi Everyone,

We just got a new prototype with a stylus holder directly into the ProKASE. We tried a bunch of different designs - a silo style holder, an elastic band, a small protrusion in the plastic frame - but this one seemed to look and work the best.

Thanks for the comments and keep the ideas coming.

ProKASE- A Professional Case for the Microsoft Surface Pro by K.A.S.E. ? Kickstarter

Pen Holder.jpg
I wish they would come up with some kind of device to hold the Surface while you are laying in bed reading :)
Darn thing gets heavy to hold with your fingers.

Need something with a goose neck that hooks onto a headboard or side rail of the bed and holds it over where you lay.
Sideboard fastening might work better than headboard because there are so many headboards and many wouldn't lend themselves to something clamping on them.