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Kickstarter Surface Pro case that has expansion ports


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I asked the creator about that, and he plans on adding one. Remember that this project just launched hours ago, and everything is subject to updates and tweaks or whatever.
I hope he can add a battery. I can dream:big smile:


That thing is awful looking!

Lol agree.. this will not meet its goal. Horrible design, cost too much, useless, too bulky. Donate and I bet you will lose your money and this product will never see a day of light. Someone please work on a cover with extended battery!!

I could go out and buy a usb hub and a card reader for about $5 or less.

Please tell me this is a early April fools joke.
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Man you guys are brutal. Sure it doesn't look that great yet but for a business user that needs 3x128GB storage it would be pretty handy. If they built this with a battery cell I guarantee it would sell 10x more. Also I think the three different stand heights are awesome.
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Seriously homely.

You could buy a USB hub, and glue it on the back for the same extra ports. And it might even be better looking.

I mean, come on, the Surface is an example of absolutely beautiful design. Stunning. Who would buy something that would hide that?