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PSA: To anyone whos Surface crashes and reboots when they turn it on from sleep


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First, this is not related to the Dec firmware issue, as this has been a problem for many of us since first purchasing our Surface before that update, and this has also affected Surface Pro 1 units.

(symptoms: Surface takes a long time to respond when you hit the power button, and when it turns on you're presented with the login screen and the system has rebooted)

If your Surface crashes and reboots when you push your power button then visit the thread about this issue on Microsoft's website:

Surface Pro crashes and reboots when turning on from sleep - Microsoft Community

And hit "I've had this issue too".

This is important, because when this issue is brought up on their forums, it is mistakenly merged into another thread about a different issue regarding the Surface not booting at all, and we need to make Microsoft aware that this annoying issue is impacting many of us.