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Verizon FIOS router crashes when Surface Pro 2 connects

Hi Folks. I got my Surface Pro 2 for Christmas. It has Win 8.1 on it. We have had FIOS for a good while, and never had any issues. We have other devices that all connect to the wireless in our home with no issues.
Recently, our router has started to lock up. All devices will lose Internet access and all the lights on the fron of the router will go solid green. Sometimes the router completely reboots itself as seen by the lights all going off (except the red power light) then coming back on gradually as they do for boot up. I had also noticed that when I tried to download a large file (League of Legends) the transfer speed would gradually get slower and slower on my surface until it timed out at less than 1 Mbps. It does this consistently.
Last night I finally made the connection that this reset only happens when my Surface is conencted to the network. When I turn it off or disconnect, everything works normally. Router is fine, other devices connect fine, Internet access has no issues. When I reconnect the Surface to the network, it all starts happening again.
Does anyone have any ideas? I can'tbe the only one with this problem. I had read there was an issue when the Surface would enter stand-by that it would lock the router, but it happens when I am actively using the Surface.


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With my fairly extensive experience with routers and modems I don't see any way for any device to actually be able to affect the router in the way you describe. The router is a passive device inside your network from a hardware standpoint.


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Sounds like you router is sick and either needs a firmware update or taken out back and shot to put it out of its misery.


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I guess I should have added that if your Surface is doing that the problem is likely the router, not your Surface.