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PSD/Photoshop file viewer on Surface rt?


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Hello hello,

Just a quick question about the viewability of photoshop documents on the surface. Is there an app (third or first part) that can at least VIEW PSD documents or other common photoshop formats? I'm going back to school soon and thinking that surface RT is the way to go with it's excellent battery life and ease of use/travel wth the keyboard, but need to be able to view PSDs.

Is the RT capable. Tried a forum search but couldn't find any answer.



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There are some really good sites if you're on a Surface 2 or Surface Pro (doesn't work too well on Surface RT)
If you want to modify or create Photoshop files without the cost of Photoshop check out:

Photopea Can edit PSD's and Save back to PSD file. (does have 'Text' editing though.)
A fully fledged editor, can open PSDs and can save as various formats. (Cant save back to editable PSD though.)