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Photoshop for Free on Surface 2 (Sort of!)


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Hey Guys

I've been debating to get a Surface 2 for a while, however one of the things which was putting me off, was the fact that I wouldn't be able to edit Photoshop PSD files.

Now, I know you can't run Photoshop on a Surface 2 or RT, However after doing some research I've found two amazing apps, which have most of the functionality of Photoshop:

Can edit PSD's and Save back to PSD file. (does have 'Text' editing though.)
Photo editor online / free image editing direct in your browser - Pixlr.comA fully fledged editor, can open PSDs and can save as various formats. (Cant save back to editable PSD though.)

Works pretty well!
I'm been using a friends Surface 2 and still debating it! Should I get one? And how does GMAIL and other Google services perform on the Surface 2?
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Unfortunately there is a very small Google presence on Windows RT, but the "Google" app is the closest to having Chrome and dedicated apps for Google services. It performs very well on the Surface 2.

Internet Explorer does a great job with interacting with browser-interface into Google services. I've owned an RT since Sept 1 2013 and just traded it in for a Surface 2 two days ago. I found the RT's performance marginally acceptable.... but the Surface 2... a whole 'nutha level. If you understand the limitations of Windows RT vs full Windows 8.1, then I highly recommend the Surface 2.

Performance-wise, it rivals my iPad 4 running iOS 7.1. Software-wise, it is a bit of a scavenger hunt.


You can always run the full desktop version of Photoshop on a PC... and control it through your Surface 2 (RT) via Remote Desktop!

I do it all the time!