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Question about Screen-casting


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Hi Everyone,
I'm a math teacher and I have been using my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (not the 2014 version) to make and record lessons for my students. I had to "root" my Galaxy Note 10.1 in order to do this...however, I am continually frustrated with it not being able to get my powerpoint animations to show up since there isn't a good android powerpoint clone out there. There are many other ppt features that I miss as well....I usually have to do a "watered-down, no frills" powerpoint presentation with my lessons; whereas, I would like to add the elements of animation...not just for effect, but it really does help with understanding how some of the terms in equations get moved around or how linear functions turn into a line, etc....

Let's say I purchase a Pro 3 (or Pro 4, if that is coming out soon); would I be able to use a "full" version of powerpoint, record my lessons using a screencasting program, and also record some of my pen annotations? If so, I'm sold and I'm getting one tomorrow....

Thanks for your help.


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Yes... the Surface Pro 3 is a full Windows PC in Tablet form factor. Also for screencast look at OfficeMix its a PowerPoint plugin...