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Annotating PDFs/PowerPoints on the surface


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touch pdf is out. Although with glitches


I opened a pdf file in PDF Touch and applied some annotations (line, square, highlight etc.), saved the file and opened it in the Reader app.
Highlighting and drawing were visible, but all the other things were gone. With the PDF Touch app - still there.
Then: I mailed it to my PC and opened the file with acrobat reader and voilà everything was in place.



Seriously use Word 2013 to edit pdf files. Its easy and does it natively, one of the huge positives for Office 2013


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i have yet to be able to find a way to access table of contents for pdf files. is this not possible on the surface? i was planning to use my tablet to read textbooks but currently it's cumbersome to have to manually scroll through a 3000 page book to get to a certain chapter.


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depending on the pdf file, if it has a table of content or not, it should be on the (...) button on the reader app's bottom right screen, then press bookmarks afterwards