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Annotating PDFs/PowerPoints on the surface


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Hi, I'm completely new to the windows store, and to all of the apps therein. I've been told by multiple people that it's possible to edit PDFs and PPs in applications on the surface, such as the standard PDF reader, Onenote, something called "PDF annotator" etc. I can't seem to find a single program that will allow me to open a PDF or powerpoint and allow me to use my finger, or a capacitive stylus to edit these. I'm a pharmacy student, and in medicinal chemistry we were closely with tons of biochemical structures, it's necessary for me to be able to ink these digitally. I've been able to do this best with the iPad that I currently have and have been wanting to get rid of because I love the integration I'm getting from windows with this new surface, along with the amazing keyboard cover - but if I can't ink these PDFs/PPs then I am FORCED to take it back. Can someone give me the low-down on what I'm doing wrong or if this just isn't possible as of now with the RT version? Thanks.
PS - I've attempted to open a PDF in the reader and "print" to Onenote and nothing happens at all...and nothing seems to be popping up in the file directory for it either. This is the case for both the pseudo-desktop version of Onenote AND the "Metro" version.
1) Open a pdf
2) Press Ctrl + P (dunno where the print button is)
3) Print to OneNote
4) Switch to desktop mode, you should see the OneNote desktop icon flashing

Make sure your office suite is updated using windows update
Okay it looks like after the update I was able to do the following above. It only seems to work in the desktop mode with Onenote preview. Is this the only way to use it currently? I still can't seem to edit them with a stylus in an easy and quick fashion. I mean I have a program on my iPad that loads them immediately for viewing and editing, is fluid, and auto saves my work. Is this just not possible yet?

Thanks for the help!
It sounds like this might be one of those growing pains that gets addressed via an update. The first update has already fixed a lot of things for people so I would expect that level of refinement to continue on a regular basis with future updates. Some things will just take time.

Remember this is OS version 1.0 and even the iPhone didn't have an app store or much functionality out of the box with the initial version of iOS.
I'm just confused on why it's so difficult to do this considering the plethora of programs out there that can. It seems like I keep reading about how difficult microsoft is making the whole app submission very difficult for people, could this be the problem with the lack of annotation programs?

I was told by a microsoft surface tech guy that it is possible to annotate PDF via stylus on the surface currently with Onenote, and can't figure out what else I could possibly do to allow this. It's driving me nuts, lol. I honestly mostly need this thing for school, and I feel like all schools I know use some version of "blackboard" or online support for the class, which includes uploaded lecture notes that everyone prints out, and writes on. I've loved that my tablet could supplement this by editing it directly on the tab. Microsoft, pleaseeeeeee don't let me down here. This is the ONE thing I need supported, otherwise just an amazing tablet.
Apps and implementation are totally unique to Windows RT and they take time to develop. The fact that they exist on other devices means nothing for Windows RT since its apps will have to be coded specifically for this OS. I'm sure it is coming but this is version 1.0 of the Windows RT OS and it has never existed before and probably more quickly than not given it does have Windows roots and those can be leveraged to support things like annotation.
Right click on the pdf
Select Open with
Choose Word
Make you annotations
Save as.. pdf