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A little background. I am an engineer that has a background in app development. Been spending months working on an original software for the windows store. It's meant to make the life of an engineer a lot easier. Well, recently, I've made another version of it. It is identical to the metro version in every way except that this one runs on the desktop. It is made to be compatible with everything from xp and above.

Here's what's good about this program/app. An engineer can use the tablet/metro version out in the field doing calculations and report and everything else he needs to. When he gets back to the office, he can simply put the tablet down and continue working on his laptop in the desktop version. The data syncs automatically between the desktop and the metro versions. And again, what's so cool about the desktop version is it is designed to run on everything xp and beyond, since I know a lot of people still use older machines.

I ran into this problem. With the metro version, I can simply use the MS store license check that comes with the app submittal. That's all fine and dandy, but what about the desktop version? I honestly don't want put a license checker into the desktop version. I'm a one man show that is a full time engineer, so I do not want to maintain a license check server. And I don't want to make my legit customers jump through hoops either. I want the desktop and the metro versions to work flawlessly with each other when the customer is legit without me having to spend too much time checking people's licenses.

Also, yes, I'm a hacker. I know every trick to hack softwares out there. Which is another reason why I don't want to put a license checker into my desktop version. It will only get hacked eventually.

So, earlier today, while I was driving home from the office, the solution just popped up in my head. I now know exactly how to make the desktop version not work when the user hasn't bought the metro version and will work just fine if the user has already bought the metro version. The solution has been right there in front of me the whole time. And no, this isn't a Microsoft thing. I will have to write out the algo from scratch. If all things go well, legit customers won't even know the checker is there. The legit customer won't have to enter any product key or any of that BS. It will simply work. And the algo will be self-correcting, so you can't simply replace a meta data file or change the registry to continue using a sample. Cool, huh?

I know of no software out there that does what I'm trying to do, especially the licensing part for the desktop version.

My question is do I need to patent this method I just thought of or can I just begin using it and it is automatically assumed it's mine? My question makes sense?
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I would at least get your provisional patent application in to offer yourself some protection...