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quick question regarding reset


I need to reset my SP. its all goobered up. What is the best way to do this? I want to make sure I get all the updates and 8.1 back on before I start loading programs. Is there a preferred method for forcing all the updates at once? Thanks guys/gals!



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It's quite an annoying experience. Had to do it a few times recently...

You can either do a quick restore which will keep all your files, or a full restore which will delete them. You'll need to download all updates (currently around 80 of them!) then reset. Then search again and there will be more updates that it didn't find the first time!

No idea why it does this but after you've done that 2-3 times you'll finally be able to see Windows 8.1 in the Store.

Wayne Orwig

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What kayzee says.

It takes a lot of time downloading a number of updates and rebooting before you finally are able to install 8.1.