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Reset Surface Pro without Admin Account


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we purchased a new Surface Pro for domain integration tests. After the initial setup of the device was finished, I moved it into our domain. Everything was working fine until I had to install a software which needs .NET-Framework 3. Inside the domain, Windows Update doesn't work and I was not able to add .NET 3.5 as a Windows Feature. So I decided to return the Surface to a workgroup, add the .NET 3 feature an put it into the domain again. Unfortunately our domain policies removed the admin rights from the local Surface account, so now I'm working with account without admin previleges. All I tried to fix the problem ended with an UAC window with the YES button greyed out. Now I want to reset the device to factory settings but for that I need admin rights too. The local Administrator account is not enabled, so I cannot use it.

How can I reset the Surface to factory settings without an admin account or how can I get an admin account to do that?

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You have the option to refresh the machine by using the Advanced Boot Features, it is an Option Under the Modern UI Control Panel under General, this will allow for you to use UEFI Recovery Options such as reload Windows.