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Real World Battery Performance Issues


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I bought my new Surface Pro 2 about 4 days ago. Today i had it charged 100% (after draining it to 0%). I have a type pad 2 with the unit and had the backlight turned off.

I work from home most of the time so i did a real world test of actually using it in a coffee shop for most of the day.

I'm not sure what the average should be but i'm extremely disappointed with the results. The battery lasted in total 3 hours 45 mins. I've been reading everywhere that i should at least get 7 hours minimum.

No video streaming, just purely email, browsing, and setting up office 2013 properly. That took me most of the day.

I BELIEVE I DO NOT HAVE the firmware installed (the dec firmware update) that people are having big problems with (is there a way to check this?). Since i bought the unit on Dec. 16th, i assumed when i updated the unit, microsoft had removed the firmware update.

Has any body else getting poor battery life like this? Maybe i have a faulty unit?