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Exchanged SP2 because of firmware issues


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swapped 128gb out earlier this week for the updated processor at a local bb...im glad I did, even though I noticed that running my replacement in power saver mode it act kind of crazy...balanced was cool, but the performance setting rocks...cpu ran at a consistent 2.65-2.8...sweet...and I can most definitely say they did something with the pen tracking...straight out the box its perfect...no calibration necessary for me...that alone has been worth the swap out...


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Spoke to B.B. The OP is mistaken. They did not exchange his unit because of the extra warranty he bought, they did it because they felt sorry for him being a raider fan. :)


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I set up an advanced exchange today for my Surface that may or may not have been related to firmware. I was experiencing keyboard issues and the device was short circuiting. We investigated the functionality of my surface and are undergoing an exchange to replace it.

For anyone with a faulty cover, or who has the botched firmware, be careful not to:

* Leave your device in a sleeve or anyplace where it might get hot if it gets stuck in a reboot cycle
* Do NOT leave the keyboard plugged in even when your device is off (this short circuiting I experienced was likely caused by this)
* If your touch cover experiences periods where it sometimes works and sometimes does not work, unplug the cover and call Microsoft
* If your device takes a long time to turn on from sleep, you may be experiencing a silent BSOD (listed as kernel-power or kernel-general in event viewer), and you should hibernate your device in the future instead of sleeping it

One other minor issue that I've personally noticed but don't know if it's a problem as of yet. If you notice that:

* Your stylus is noticeably offset from your screen even after calibration
* Your screen flickers
* When your surface boots you notice that around the perimeter there is significant lighter regions on your screen

Then I think your screen may have been installed either at a slightly improper angle or incorrect offset. I have noticed these things with my Surface Pro 2. I'm not sure how common each of these symptoms are.


So after the Microsoft Store renewed my faith in them by exchanging my creaky SP2 without any issues or questions (although they said they haven't heard about screens that were creaking before), I haven't had any problems with my new one. Now I do keep the touch cover on it when I put it back into the sleeve for extra protection. Of course I shut it down every time now. Are you saying I should constantly disconnect the cover everytime I want to store my tablet? That seems like that wasn't the way Microsoft intended the use case scenario.