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Reassessing S3 Battery life (W10H)


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Hi All...

My interest in the S3 battery life has been rekindled following my renewed interest in the S3 brought on by (1) my original S3 falling and breaking; (2) MS not giving any indication of a follow up to the S3; and, (3) my buying a new S3 to replace the old one.

I had the 4GB version which is now replaced by the 2GB version. Why? The former was not available. But that aside, I use the S3 purely as a tablet. I don't have a KB for it. I rarely if ever use the desktop side of things and my main use for it is: (1) as a digital notebook (OneNote, mainly); (2) Reading and annotating PDF (I used to use Xodo and now have gone back to Drawboard); and (3) general stuff like Reddit (Readit), web (Edge), Flipboard. I also check my mails, but rarely use the Mail app to reply.

Also, of my total time spent on the S3, 75% of it on WiFi (very good connection) and 25% is tethered to my phone. And, when at my desk, the screen brightness is at 17% and when outside it is at 25%. Adaptive brightness is off. Location services are on. Ad ID is off and the list of apps that sync in the background are carefully curated (in the sense of needs).

I have the OneDrive folder (selectively) synching to the Micro SD Card (64GB - I need to replace with a 128GB card soon).

I have noticed that with the above set up and usage, I seem to be losing 1% per hour. That comes to roughly an average of 8 hours...theoretically. But in reality, despite the 1% average loss per hour, I seem to be getting 6 hours. Also, there is one particular spot on the back of the tablet - around the camera - which gets warm. Not hot, but noticeably warm.

I have not yet done a power study, which I will. But in the interim, I was wonder if

(1) you folks who have a "new" S3 with W10H preinstalled - what is your average battery life on a normal workday like - with what I have described above being the bare minimum.

(2) for those of who have the S3 for some time - min 1 year - how is the battery holding up? Is it any better than what you are getting today with W10CU? From what I remember, the battery life was a little worse off with CU on my old S3.

(3) Is there anything you can suggest - without the benefit of the battery report for the moment - you can suggest where I can optimize battery life? In this connection: I need to have the comm apps syncing because it is the only way I know I have a message etc when I am working (reading, writing, annotating).


(4) If any of you use both Xodo and Drawboard, which one gets your vote of confidence? Have you noticed which one is kinder to battery life (specifically on the S3)?

Thanks in advance.