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S3 and the Pen (SP4)


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Hmmm... on my Surface 3 I see a realistic Surface 3 icon, but a more standard Surface Pen icon. The pen seems to be working fine and there are no error messages, but the only thing that I can set in the Surface app is the pressure sensitivity.


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I just wanted to say thank you!!!!

I was busy so I could not do this earlier, but I just ran through the instructions through that link you posted. And, now the app works.
Can you tell me what it looks like now? In Devices and printers and in the Surface app? Is it the same as mine?


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I like the Surface Pen that came with my Surface 3 package and the fact that I can use it both for pointing and for drawing. However, when in Office 2016 programs, it is always in draw mode. How can I switch it to point mode? I cannot find a button that will toggle between modes.