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Reckless Racer....A Must-Buy!


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I don't know if this is brand new, or if I overlooked it on the first 500 passes of the games store, but...

Reckless Racing Ultimate Edition for Windows RT Review! ? Windows RT Review

This game is fun as anything, has great visuals, has a ton of content, earns achievements for XboxLive, and is 4.99. Picked it up last night, and can honestly say its the most addictive game on my Surface.

With this, Spartan Assault, and Jetpack Joyride, I'm happy on long drives :)
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Picked this up as my first game on Surface whilst I was on holiday. Cool game! A bit hard to control maybe... actually prefer on-screen controls to the keyboard.

There is one (perhaps a general issue) thing I wanna ask about though. When I load the game it asks me to load my profile, which can be either locally stored or cloud data. Fine, but I choose local every time. Anyway I tried playing on the plane home and it didn't give me any options, just said could not load cloud data. There was no way to find my local data so the only way to play was from the start again, very annoying! Anyone know about this?