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Recommend a USB 3.0 HUB


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I want to connect a 2tb western digital passport ultra to my SP3, so I can run steam and also connect controllers. Like so many others here I'm sure. I tried the Anker 4 port compact hub but the hd won't stay connected. I am not sure if it's a faulty hub or just can't handle it. Can anyone recommend a portable hub or will I have to use a powered hub? Thanks


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I was going to recommend my Anker hub since it is nice and compact and can be used unpowered or powered but it looks like it has been discontinued

This looks like the successor. Unfortunately, it needs external power to function and there was this little tidbit in the description:
"Not compatible with SuperDrive and WD passport hard disk."

Perhaps that is why you are having problems with your Anker Hub (rather than the fact it is unpowered)

Deryl McCarty

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I use a StarTech USB310005 (Gigabit ethernet to USB 3)...which in turn is connected to a Cable Matters USB 3 10-port powered hub. Works like a champ. I only use that lash-up for home, taking the Surface to meetings, trips etc using Wi-Fi, Type cover (red, naturally) and arc touch mouse. With a 10 port I can connect to virtually every thing: Wired KB, wired mouse, DVD, BR, flash drives, card readers and TB level external HDD, all at the same time. It is not as pretty a picture as a Surface dock, but the price is WAY lower. (I know I am exhibiting a real retro moment here as I tell the world I use a wired KB and Mouse, but it just feels better to have a big ergo KB and mouse...it must be that I learned to touch type on an Underwood upright which in turn requires at least a million psi fingertip pressure and lots of finger travel.)


This is the USB 3.0 hub I bought for my Surface Pro 1....


It works fine, but you have to be careful how you hookup, my external usb 3 harddrive has to be in port 1, otherwise it will fall back to usb 2! It's got it's own chipset, which controls the power usage per port, so you have to be creative with hookups, try different devices in different ports until you get it all to work together. You can use any usb ported power supply with it, or plug the power cable right into the Surface Pro's power supply, or can use it without the extra power, but be prepared for even faster usb 2 fallback.