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Red Screen issue with the Microsoft Surface pro 2


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After a bit of messing around, I was able to get back into the UEFI screen and choose to reinstall the Secure Boot keys. But, there’s a not true fix. Here’s how I did it:

With the Surface powered off, I pressed and held the Volume Up button.
Then I powered the Surface on, holding the Volume Up button pressed the entire time.
Once the Surface entered into the UEFI interface, I chose “Install Default Secure Boot Keys” and selected “Yes” to cause the Surface to load the default secure variables.

Next, I made sure that the “Secure Boot” option was enabled, exited setup, choosing “Yes” to save the configuration changes.I have introduced this procedure remains the same red screen!

How can I turn Windows 8 on a new install?
How can I get my data to backup?
There is a way to get started with USB boot or recognized by my laptop ?
like a solution, I would very much if a solution is

Do something like:
- First disable Secure Boot, save and reboot
- Then ENABLE secure boot, save and reboot again
- Then clear secure boot keys, save and reboot,
- then install default secure boot keys, save and reboot
- then do nothing but reboot again just in case.

I'd never trust anyone at MS nor at AMI to make non-crappy firmwares...