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Solved Reinstall EFI Partition


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I have a problem with my Surface Pro 3.
I installed Linux and use dual boot with rEFInd Boot manager. Now I deleted the linux partition and deleted the rEFInd directory from the EFI partition.

The problem is, that the rEFInd Boot manager is still there and I am not able to boot from USB to reinstall my Windows 8.1.

Is there a way to repartition the EFI partition or reinstall UEFI ?

Thanks, Jannis L.
It would seem like you need a Recovery USB to do this. There is an option to remove everything and reinstall and an additional checkbox/option to recreate partitions. It's possible that if everything is loaded in memory it could do this from the onboard Recovery partition but Repartitioning underneath yourself has obvious risks. :)

if you don't have a Recovery USB already you can download the image from Microsoft.
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