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Remaining battery % not reporting correctly


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Hi all, I've posted this in the power/battery/charging issues thread but no luck there, I thought I might get more responses to my issue on a separate thread...

I need to calibrate whatever reports the remaining battery percentage. Basically my reported battery life drops really really slowly down to about 82% (after several hours use) and then drops like a stone with the machine switching off with no warning. I've run the battery report utility:
powercfg /batteryreport /output %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\battery_report.html

and attached a screenshot of the report - you can see the numbers are completely off the wall!

I've installed all the available updates and latest firmware.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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I had a couple normal discharges, and after (I think) second firmware update it started to drop suddenly (at 30% or something)... not sure if that is related or a coincidence.


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Thanks all, yes it's a SP3. I think a replacement is out of the question - my wife bought it for me in best buy when stateside in June. Home is over the pond in Ireland. It's not on sale here yet, but I might try Microsoft support here and see what they say.