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Energy report - prevented sleep by Nvidia Tegra Audio


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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased Surface 2 and I'm pretty happy with it.

Though yesterday I noticed it had dropped quite alot of battery when it was in sleep mode. So I did powercfg /energy.

I got an error. It sais that my surface is being prevented from entering sleep because of "Nvidia Tegra Audio"... Anyone know how to fix this? I've done this report before, just a few days before and didn't have this issue.

Its up to date on Windows update and reboot/factory reset doesnt help.

Appreciate any help.


Got response from another guy on another forum with the exact same error. He said mute sound and do energy-report again and it worked, error is gone. And if i turn on sound again, error is there. I also found another thread on this forum posting a pic with the exact same error.
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