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Remote Desktop apps


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Hello there, I'm new in this forum and new in the all surface stuff, just got my new surface rt and I'm having some problems with the remote desktop.

I'd really like to connect to my PC (windows 7) so I could remotely use it like I do with the 'Splashtop' App on my iphone.
I saw the app called remote desktop but could really use it, what should I do on the pc, shouldn't be a streamer or something like this on it
so I could log-in to it from other wi-fi connections?

If someone has a brief explanation how to use this app or other app to do it I'd really like hear it.
(btw I saw the new Splashtop 2 app in the store but I see it costs 50$ a year for using it, so if there any free way to do it I'll prefer that)

thank you


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thank you for the fast answer, but I see that he couldn't manage to do it on his win7 pc so I think I'll upgrade to win8 as well.


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You can on Windows 7 as long as it is Pro or higher but with Windows 8 or higher you will get a full multitouch experience.