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Replace broken power supply through laptop power supply


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unfortunately my power supply of my new sp3 is broken. I already ordered a new one, but it will take some
time until the new power supply will be there. I really would like to use my sp3, so I have been thinking about replacing the broken power supply by another one. From my old asus netbook I have a power supply with 12V and 3.0 A output.

Is it possible to use this one for loading?

I have been searching in different forums about the replacement of a power supply, I always read, that an egual voltage is necessary and that the amperage can be higher, the device should handle the correct amperage.

What do you think about this?



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I think you'd be taking your SP's life into your hands. Could one be found that might work after you hacked around on the connector? Perhaps... If you didn't get it just right and you fried your new toy would MS be on the hook to help you? Definitely not. I wouldn't take the chance, but then again...I don't have another ~$1300-2000 just sitting around to play with either.