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Cloning a Surface Laptop


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Hi. I have a two Surface Laptop 3's. One has a 256Gb SSD, the other has a 1Tb SSD.

I would like to clone the system, as installed with programs etc, from the 256Gb device to the 1Tb device, so that the 1Tb device will boot and function (with all programs installed and ready) just like the 256Gb does, only with a larger drive. What is the most straightforward way of doing this?

I am very familiar with Macrium Reflect and use it for system images. But as far as I can tell, its clone process requires that the destination drive be attached by USB to the source device to perform the clone, and then that the cloned drive be physically installed in the destination drive.

Is there some other way that doesn't require actually performing surgery on the device?

I was hoping there might be some way to generate the clone in a similar way that a Reflect system image can be written to any non-bootable media like a usb drive, and and then be "restored" by pointing Reflect to the image file, which replaces the current OS image with the saved image. That basic image backup and restore process has always worked for me, and cloning doesn't seem all that different in principle. Is there something I am not understanding?

All insight into this appreciated.
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