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Request for certification in Windows Store of apps that are enabled for Surface 2


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I would like to request that Microsoft require that any app from the Windows store that is available for purchase and/or downloading to a Surface tablet is certified as one that is enabled for this device. I have encountered a number of apps (like Rogers Anyplace TV) that install perfectly only to discover after much discussion with vendor that it does not run on the Surface tablet.

So the requirement of an Approved for Surface logo or something similar on all Windows Store apps would be greatly appreciated and likely lead to a much less stressful and longer life for all Surface tablet owners... :)


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This is not the Official Surface Support Forum for Microsoft, this is a Surface Community run by a 3rd party. These requests are better suite here:

Surface - Microsoft Community

As far as an App that doesn't work as intended, that is the fault of the developer, not Microsoft. If Rogers Cable put an App in the Store and Compiled it for Windows RT (ARM in the listing) it should work on all 5 RT Devices (Dell XPS 10, ASUS RT, Nokia 2520, Surface RT and Surface 2).


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I am a developer for win8/winrt. I assure the OP that this is entirely the fault of the developer. What's likely the case here is Rogers hired a no-name developer to develop this app. Probably from China. The dev does just barely enough work to make sure it will compile and installs but he/they never tested it. Something as simple as an if then statement placed backward could give the impression that the app is fine but then won't work properly on actual devices. Furthermore, people from Rogers cable probably aren't tech literate enough to catch the blunder.

These no-name devs from China are the number one choice these days because they are cheap. Absolutely zero quality control, though. They will put in the bare minimum amount of work to give the false impression that the app runs. But other than that, nothing really works as expected.