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Any apps to help with Stock trading?


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First off, I would like to say hello, and I am glad to be a part of this forum. I have been following this forum for a while, and got around to join. am about ready to pull the trigger on returning my iPad 4gen and up and buy a surface. I honestly feel Windows 8 is the future and the Surface is an excellent tablet. I am tired of seeing people's response when they say,"What's the point of windows RT? You can't download actual programs and only run apps from the app market." do they not realize that was EXACTLY what the iPad was in the beginning and what it still continues to be? Or any other tablet for that matter. Why do people ignore that the Surface is a tablet, and works like one is beyond me.

I would really like to pull the trigger, but I extensively use apps available to iOS, to research stocks. As much as I would like to buy a Surface, I just simply can't ditch one of my major methods of researching, on essentially making money.

Unfortunately the nearest Microsoft store is about 100 miles from me, and I can't view or play with the tablet. The learning curve is irrelevant because it is inevitable that I will learn to use this device. The only thing is I have no way of viewing the store to see what is available at this time, and as much as I absolutely love this tablet, I am currently on stand by to see where developers will go with it.

Are there any apps that are definately worth mentioning to a consumer like myself?
I'm no trader, but interested in what's going on. I use the included app that allows me to see stock quotes, history, indexes, money, metals, etc. The app store has about half a dozen apps, one is localized to HK stock market- AASTOCK.

My Nokia E72 has Bloomberg, I hope it becomes available to Windows RT soon.
I use a lot of missingstep apps, such as Stock Scan, Stocks Pro, Daily stocks, and others such as CNBC and even my brokers mobile app, MBtrading, is my primary way of buying/selling. I have asked them if they plan on developing a app for windows RT devices, and they told me "We regret to inform you that presently, there is no support for Windows Phone 8-based phones, nor can we provide a time-line to its availability" I could get by without all my apps for research, but seeing as MBtrading app is how my main method of making trades, I would be forced back to the confides of only being able to make trades when home.

Which is why developers enthusiasm for the platform concerns me. As I said, as much as I absolutely love the Surface, usable applications are key factor whether I can actually utilize the tablet. I can't justify owning one solely if apps aren't there, as I rely on my iPad too much for such things, and I couldn't justify owning a iPad along with a Surface.
I use seeking alpha, Bloomberg, cnn money and heat map on my android. On my surface I only use Sigfig and the finance app that is already included....there are not too many finance apps on the windows store yet unfortunately. But in general the tablet has been a great experience
The website uses silverlight, which, neither the iPad or the Surface supports unfortunately.

That really limits your choices. Many site that were once limited to IE on Windows and OCX or ActiveX have mended their ways. ;) Maybe they will wise up as well.