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Resize Start Menu Across Full Screen (by dragging corner) to Bring Back Start Screen

Hi everyone, please support my Windows 10 Feature Request. The idea is this:

"Start Menu and Start Screen should be integrated. One should be able to "resize" the start menu, by dragging the corner across the screen to full screen size and get the Start Screen. Or, simply have a button in the corner of the start menu which "launches" start menu into full screen mode, which is the Start Screen.

Tiles and groups would sync across start menu and start screen, too, of course.

Right now it is WAY too difficult to switch between start menu and Start Screen. One has to right click, change settings, log out out of their computer and back in... To create a more seamless experience, Windows should integrate Start Menu with Start Screen by allowing users to "drag" the corner of start menu across screen to resize it into full screen mode or click a simple button on the start menu to "launch" it into full screen mode, i.e. the Start Screen."

If you agree with this and want a more seamless integration between Start Menu and Start Screen, please visit my requests and support with votes:



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