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Add Grouped Shortcut Menu to Windows 10 Start Menu


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It seems likely that Windows 10 operating with the Start Menu rather than the Start Screen will not include grouped tiles. I'm fine with that, because I like using the Start Menu, and tiles without sub-categories.

But here's a tip to launch groups of shortcuts from the Start Menu, and also maintain them in a simple form, while also keeping a neat and tidy Desktop:

1) Create a folder in any desired location in which to store shortcuts
2) Copy or create shortcuts to programs and apps and functions in this folder
3) Create a single shortcut to this folder on the Desktop. When typing the location of the folder, start with the word "explore". My folder is C:\Shorts , so the location of this shortcut is explore C:\Shorts . Windows will add the path to explore automatically.
4. Change the icon to the shortcut as desired.
5. Context-click on the shortcut and choose "Pin to Start". Resize and locate as desired within the Start Menu tiles.

The idea of a folder of shortcuts is not new. I've been doing this since Windows 3.1 in the previous century.

Screenshot (123).png

Screenshot (124).png

Screenshot (122).png

Screenshot (125).png

Screenshot (121).png

Screenshot (118).png


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Folders of shortcuts can also be incorporated into the Taskbar.

1. Create folder of shortcuts anywhere (Recommended location: Documents)
2. Context-click Taskbart, Toolbars, New Toolbar, browse to your folder of shortcuts

Your new toolbar appears adjacent to the Notification area.
Also, if GodMode is one of your shortcuts, it will automatically expand (see screenshot).

Screenshot (138).png

Screenshot (140).png

Screenshot (139).png

GodMode expands automatically into subtasks.
Screenshot (141).png