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Restart hangs


Since a few days I have the most annoying effect that reboots (e.g. after installing some upgrade) hang.

The system shuts down, the Surface logo comes up again, but then the rotating dots never appear and the process hangs there.
I then always have to power this beast off (by pressing the power button >= 10 seconds or so until the device shuts off. Subsequent reboots then always worked fine, but I am getting a bit nervous: why or what is a normal restart blocking/hanging/crashing?

Any idea how to diagnose this?


Do you have a microSD card installed or any USB device attached?
Yes - I had a microSD card installed and also USB drives attached. I removed these and could indeed reboot without any issue!
So, there must be something "bootable" (or rather not-bootable) on these. Strange - but at least I now know what to look for.



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It's very possible the microSD card has been had some file system dame or possibly the card itself. That's the first place I would look.

At least you know something more than you did. ;)
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