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SP3 File Manager Freezes Up

Damien B

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I have been experiencing an issue wherein File Manager/ Recycle Bin/ Etc will completely not work until rebooting the computer. This happens every few days or so if I do not reboot the computer in between.

Most recently I had rebooted the computer on Friday, didn't use it at all on Saturday, used it a decent bit on Sunday, and then Monday morning I deleted a shortcut from the desktop and went to right click the recycle bin to delete it and it thought about the right click for about 30 seconds (or more) until I finally left-clicked on the desktop which prompted the screen to turn white and it stopped thinking. Right-clicking again started up the same thinking process. Trying to open file manager failed. I clicked on the task bar shortcut to the file manager and it acted for a second like it was going to open and then nothing.

This is a fairly common occurrence when I go a few days without a reboot. I used to go all the time without rebooting my SP1 without any kinds of problems, but it seems like I have to reboot every few days with the SP3 or it gets buggy like this. This is also a fairly new SP3 (just a couple months old). I am running Windows 10.

Is this a common issue that I just need to learn to deal with and just get in the habit of rebooting regularly? Is there a fix for this?

Also, it seems to take forever to restart after this problem occurs (it will take about 3-5 minutes shutting down in the reboot process (on the "restarting" screen), and then about a minute or less to start back up after it goes black and the Surface logo appears.) I don't know if the slow reboot process occurs under normal rebooting (i.e. when this issue has not occurred), since I have not restarted the computer lately at a time when this has not occurred (unless installing updates which is also expected to take time).

Damien B

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Added information: even when these problems persist I can use Chrome/ IE fine. I assume I can still use other apps fine as well and probably even access the files through those apps (have not tried this once the problem occurs, so not sure).


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My only suggestion is a possible file system corruption. Do a chkdsk/scan of C: drive.

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I have encountered this a number of times on a number of machines. It turned out it was a usb hard drive that needed a scan and fix.