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Returning iPad Air and purchasing Surface 2



MS hasn't been in the hardware business all that much, either. I mean, besides Surface since mid-ish 2012, there was the Zune? I've been lucky all around with all my devices, fortunately, except that one year where a company I worked for decided to give everyone iMacs. Shitty pieces of crap they were (always in repair), so I swore off Apple products pretty much forever. :p

Not forgetting Xbox and Xbox 360 ;-)
It's my overall experience with MS hardware. Multiple 360's (not all replaced under warranty, some were due to bad disc drives), multiple mice, then the products they just decided to EOL like my MS Fingerprint Reader or the Xbox Wireless Router...I just didn't want to keep bothering with it. I didn't have confidence it'd keep going for two years. And the touch issue seems more like a design flaw than a defective unit.


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Not forgetting Xbox and Xbox 360 ;-)

Oh yeah, completely forgot about the consoles and accessories. Shows how much I follow that. I've had several cheap Microsoft mice, even. Though none of them crapped out on me, surprisingly (given how cheeeaaap they were).