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Hi all.

Ive not been on this forum for a long but as Ive just ordered a SP4 i5/256/8 I thought Id come back and do some research before hand.

I'm pleased to see this forum doing so well as I signed up when it was still very young when Id just pre-ordered my Surface RT!

Since then I only upgraded to the Surface 2 a year later and haven't bought anther Surface since. I'm typing this on my Surface 2 now which has performed extremely well over the 2 years Ive owned it.

After having a few problems with my desktop pc I decided I want something more portable that I can start taking to work. Surface 4 Pro was the only pc I wanted.

So now I have to wait for it to arrive!

Thanks Matt


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Welcome back!

I'm getting a Surface Pro 4 i5/8/256 for my Niece. All the ones I have had in my office along with some I know about that I don't support directly are working great. I have an i5/4/128 that's fantastic.


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Welcome back, Matt.
Congrats on your coming Surface Pro 4. I'm sure we will be hearing much from you, and you from us.

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