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Hello from Louisiana... Ready for Saturday


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I've been looking forward to the Surface Pro for a long time, got to play with one yesterday and now I'm super excited to replace my 3 year-old laptop. Found this through bing. I registered since this place will only get busier and there's lots of discussion of accessories happening now. I did a thorough (well, 2 hours hands on in a Best Buy) test and noticed some quirky differences between the touch and type pad covers' trackpads, I'm going to the accessories forum now to share.


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Welcome reptilian. I think you are in for a big upgrade from a 3 year old laptop. I was checking out the bench marks in the ubergizmo review posted in another thread and the Surface is powerful even among the other ultrabooks. Very impressive.


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I'm going to start a new thread about that now. I liked them both for different things, but I settled on the touch cover (surprisingly) due to a right click flaw on the type cover. Otherwise, for typing I would've bought the type cover but I think I'd use the mouse more (Photoshop, etc.).