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Right screen side won’t work.


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My Two month old Surface pro 4 has stoped working properly.

The issue is with the right side of the touchscreen. I mean the exact right.
See this image:
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I drew a continuous line across the screen with my finger.
As you can see the entire exact right of the screen is not responding to touch.

It happened all at once. An hour before it was working fine. There are no magnets around except for the two in the case I bought. It did not get wet. I’ve already restarted.

I also tried calibrating it but the right side also glitches sometimes and randomly clicks around so I can’t.

There is not visible damage.


I get this on my SPro3 sometimes, usually on a strip on the left hand side of the screen. The curious thing is that it comes and goes, and sometimes moves to a strip on the right side of the screen. I've never worked out what causes it, but a full shutdown and a screen clean often helps fix it.

Sometimes it only affects finger touch, and sometimes it affects both pen and finger touch too.