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Segment of the Touchscreen went unresponsive on SP4


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Unlike some who's SP4s works without error mine has not. I got a replacement although haven't as yet returned the original one. I hesitated on returning because the new one had the same problems as the original one so I thought I might hold out until TH2 hit to see if it fixed everything. Additionally the replacement has some additional frequency to some issues plus more light bleed so I was considering keeping the original if TH2 fixed the problems. However the decision has been made for me since part of the Touchscreen on the original unit has gone unresponsive.

After calibrating, resetting calibration, and calibrating again, since none of that fixed the problem did a full RESET etc. etc. the middle right section of the Touchscreen remains unresponsive. With Windows pin login enabled I can only enter part of the pin as the right column of numbers don't respond to touch.

list of issues with both:
  1. Display driver crashing
  2. Touchscreen would randomly stop working altogether
  3. Pen would also stop working when the Touchscreen stopped working
  4. Occasionally the Trackpad would stop working when the Touchscreen and Pen stopped but not always.
  5. Audio popping - often this happened when you first touched the screen to type in a field. Coincidental???
  6. Blue Screens - not frequent but more frequent than you'd expect or tolerate.

Now that the Touchscreen failure has occurred on the original unit I don't feel like number two will last long either given it's having the same pre-failure issues and actually had more frequent occurrences of the Touchscreen stopping altogether and Audio popping problems. Perhaps those two are related, it's certainly a possibility.

Just waiting to kick the tires on TH2 before returning both of these units.
Both units are core m Lot 1542

Maybe I'll drive over to the Microsoft store and if they can show me a unit that doesn't have any problems I'll try another one otherwise I'm likely done with SP4s.

Just got 3 Display driver crashes in a row editing this post with all the latest updates. I guess it's retaliating. :)
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It's frustrating to say the least. I exchanged my first SP4. The second is a huge improvement, but it's not perfect yet. I'm down to occasional display driver errors and occasional unresponsive touch screen, which I'm hoping will be resolved via software patches. That said, when it works, I'm finding the SP4 a joy to use...and I'm an Apple guy. :)