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Show Windows Stacked/Side by Side



I don't really get that... Why would this be a bigger issue for Surface 3 (Pro) and Surface Pro 4 users? I always use the cursor keys combined with the Windows key or just drag the window to the side.
The only reason for me to test the taskbar method is because you as a fellow Surface owner were having an issue :)
It would be nice to have all the features of Windows 10 working properly whether we use them or not. There may be other Surface owners who have this issue but choose to ignore it. Thanks for testing the taskbar method on your Surface 3 so at least I know it's not just my SP4 that has this problem.


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So the windows don't appear as they do on those captured images of my desktop I posted?
No, I meant to say that Portrait or Landscape in desktop mode, selecting either side by side or stacked from the taskbar displays the windows stacked with overlap


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Of course, the problem becomes even more complicated in Canada, since it is referred to as "Side by each". ;)


But the HAVE worked on it! Good to see that you get back to your friends here to share your findings.
I guess "they" have been working on it. The new Surface Pro has the same screen resolution as the SP4 and hopefully "they" will fix the problem before shipments of the Surface Pro begin.


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I don't know how many people use that feature, so I wouldn't hope for it too much. It is resolution independent.


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Just ran into this too, new Surface, "stack" stacks but uses only the left half of the screen, other half is empty.
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