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Riser/Arm for desktop usage?


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Hey all,

I wonder if anyone's come across a good laptop riser or monitor arm type device for holding the surface pro 2 upright to use it as a second screen next to a monitor on my desk?

I've come across a few:

Arkon TAB086 12 Universal 12" Flexible Clamp Mount for Tablet iPad w Wo Case | eBay

But not sure they'd be strong enough to hold the Pro 2 in place nor allow me to tap at the screen/draw when required.

I'm looking for something that can be adjusted but also provides a strong hold in the position I choose. Any ideas on the best solution to this?

Arizona Willie

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I've been wishing for something similar to these gooseneck items.

I'm wanting something to clamp to the headboard of our bed that would swing over the bed so I could lay there and read without holding the Surface, just touch the screen to change pages.

I think it would need a longer gooseneck than these have and the clamps don't look like they would hold it if the Surface was facing down. Ok for resting on the clamps but they don't look secure enough to hold it in anything other than an upright position.

Hopefully they will come out with something.


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But not sure they'd be strong enough to hold the Pro 2 in place nor allow me to tap at the screen/draw when required.

I'm looking for something that can be adjusted but also provides a strong hold in the position I choose. Any ideas on the best solution to this?
I bought Amazon.com: ATDEC Visidec Flexible Desk Mount for Tablet Computers (VTB-FD): Computers & Accessories for my Surface Pro from Amazon. I really wanted one of the more serious options that are 'sprung' and can be locked into place, like you might see in a hospital or something, but I couldn't afford it at the time.

Anyway there's a picture below of my setup (please excuse the wheel), It's been holding my Surface Pro fine for 8 months or so now and I often leave it in there for a couple of days. I have the display, USB and power leads running up the arm so they're out of the way and I left enough slack to let me rotate the Surface between landscape and portrait. I can also pull the Surface closer and down to allow drawing and touching although it's not as easy as I'd hoped and subsequently I've only done that once or twice in the time I've had it.


Arizona Willie

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That's EXACTLY the kind of thing I'm looking for!!!! :eek:mg:
Where did you get it?

Oh never mind, I see the link now.
How long will you be gone?
I would love to find out if it will fit the Surface Pro because if it does I will get one post haste.
Oh, I just looked closely and it says it is only good for 1000 grams. Which is approx 35 ounces I believe and the Surface is 36 ounces isn't it?
Would likely be pretty close to the weight capacity ... but it's a possibility.
Might wrap something around those pegs that are shown holding the tablet to reinforce them.

I used to use this mount in bed with my iPad and other tablets, but haven't used it for a while and this thread has prompted me to dig it out and try with my surface - here's a nicely obscured photo:

View attachment 1659

When I get back from my holiday I'll see if it fits the surface...

The New iPad 1 2 3 Mini HOLDS with Apple Case Samsung Galaxy Tab Sony S Tablet Clamp Desktop Handsfr: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories


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Hi Arizona,

Just checked it out with my Pro 2, fits nicely and seems to take the weight (might be a little bouncy if you hit the screen a lot, but seems perfectly stable in a variety of positions. Fully extended it will sag, but with some bend in the arm is quite stable). Haven't tried the overhead position yet...


Arizona Willie

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Thank you so much for the pictures and links.
I went to your link and was going to order it and then realized your link was to Amazon Europe and I was afraid I might have problems ordering there.
So I went to Amazon U.S. and searched for tablet holders and found this:
Amazon.com : Dynamic - USA Company - Black - Aluminum Adjustable Hands Free 360 Degree Tablet mount for Bed, Car, Desk, Kitchen, Office with mounting clamp - Universal Flexible Long Arm Tablet Holder Stand - Supports all 5 to 10 inch Tablets less tha

Which appears to be the same unit. Although they say the gooseneck is only 24" and yours appears to be longer than that.
They also have a unit which is on a floor stand for a lot more money but if this doesn't work I will order that one.

They said it would be here Saturday the 22nd. I hope so.
I'm eager to try this puppy out, although our headboard is a lot thicker, there is one place it may be thin enough, I think so.
Might have to clamp it to the nightstand instead of headboard but that'll work just fine.

Thanks again for putting me on the trail of this.


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Wow that's kinda cool, need to convince myself I need something like that lol. Girlfriend might be interested for her iPad too...

Arizona Willie

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Save your money folks.
Does not work well.

Directions say to put the tablet in the holder diagonally, but the pictures on the box show putting it so the holders are on top and bottom in landscape mode.

It will NOT hold the weight of the Surface Pro.
It does hold my old Xoom tablet --- barely.

But, it doesn't fit our headboard or my night stand, so I had to put it on a wooden tv tray and that works but it isn't in exactly the right position because the tv table is lower than the edge of our bed.

This product needs to have the gooseneck come out 90 degrees different than where it comes off the clamp now.

It's really strange it is very hard to bend the gooseneck with my hands, but when the weight of the Surface Pro is put on it, it just slowly sags until it hits something.

It would hold someone's cell phone but it is NOT ready for prime time with Surface tablets.
I haven't decided yet whether to go through the hassle of trying to return it or just work on modifying it or finding another use for it, but unless some inspiration strikes me I don't believe I will be using it for reading in bed.

Now it < would > perhaps be good to hold it in a computer room environment where you want the tablet to be upright. I can see setups to make THAT work.
But to clamp it on your headboard, especially with a Surface tablet, will just get you bonked on the head ( gently ) as it sags under the weight.
It can be used on a table beside the bed if the table top thickness is right, but getting it in a good reading position seems to be a challenge.
But that depends, probably on the height of the bedside table and the height of your mattress etc. etc.

I was hoping to have a better report but, sadly, it isn't to be.


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Oh no, I feel bad that you wasted your money based on my recommendation, sorry :-(
Probably not the same model as mine, or I've been particularly lucky...
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