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Riser/Arm for desktop usage?

Arizona Willie

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Ha no, don't feel badly ... not a problem for me.

You're in Europe and I'm in the Corporatocracy of America.

Probably different companies and different products.
This one is < close > to being what it needs to be ... but not quite there.

Oh no, I feel bad that you wasted your money based on my recommendation, sorry :-(
Probably not the same model as mine, or I've been particularly lucky...


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So I've received the stand, and got it set up.

The rotating part that houses the tablet itself does seem as though it'd be a little flimsy, but somehow manages to hold the tablet at whatever angle it's rotated at. The arm itself is made of a very sturdy-feeling piece of steel that is relatively difficult to reposition but can be bent at your will with a bit of elbow grease.

I'm running my display cable down the arm to eliminate some clutter, which works perfectly.

Here are a few images of my setup:

Arizona Willie

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That's strange, mine had two holders on each end but it looks like you have 3 on top.
You are using it for desktop usage as in the pic they had.
But it did not work for me using it to hold the Surface Pro for bedtime reading with it fastened to the headboard.
Because there is no place on the headboard to fasten it so it is vertical and then bend it.
I had to fasten it so it ( the gooseneck ) was parallel to the bed and it would not hold the weight in that position.
As you are using it, it works fine.

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