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Rough Spots on Screen When using Stylus..

David Puddy

New Member

I noticed on some areas of the screen, usually closer to the sides of the screen, when you use the pen, there feels like there's some rough spots, like the pen tip is hitting a bit of rough patch. If you run your fingers through it , it's completely smooth. I tried using a micro fibre cloth but didn't help, and cleaned the tip of the pen as well. The middle of the screen however is very smooth. Anyone experience this when using the stylus?


New Member
6 years late. I have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM!!!! Except this rough patch is in right of the middle of my screen. It is sooooo annoying because I draw usually in the middle of the screen! I event spent some money on new pen tips because I thought it was because my current one was worn down or something.

If anyone has got a solution for this please let me know.