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[Rumor] Microsoft the Next Likely Gladiator in the Future Global Smartwatch Arena


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A new report suggests that Microsoft doesn't want to get left behind again for future tech the way they were with smartphones. The lastest intel suggests Microsoft plans to launch a branded smartwatch to compete with the rumored Apple iWatch and Samsung's admitted smartwatch. Supposedly, Microsoft is already working with Far East suppliers to work out the logistics of building the device. No other details were given at this time.

What do you guys think? Would you by a Microsoft SurfaceWatch?

Source: BGR
No, that's just way too geeky to be a fashion accessory!

But perhaps if it were Bond-ish enough so that it can still have that elegant style and with a flip of the to or something, then reveal the geeky Surface UI, then yes, I would. :)
MS was actually the pioneer here. Like tablets I think this one is a bit of a pet project of Billy's.

Yup, once again, MS leads the way and gets no credit. I had several of the SPOT watches and LOVED them! It was awesome tech and I always had just the right info available on my wrist...plus the Suunto and Tissot models looked great.