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[Rumor] 'Well Known Hacker' Claims Windows 9 Will Launch in October


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We aren't sure what to make of this story, but it's worth sharing regardless. Supposedly, a "well known" hacker with a good track record of predicting moves from Microsoft has recently suggested that Microsoft is so fed up with the poor success of Windows 8, they plan to launch Windows 9 as early as October of this year. We aren't sure how good a hacker can be if he is "well known" but regardless, this one supposedly has insider info at Microsoft. Here's a quote with more of the details,

“WZor” is a well-known hacker believed to have sources inside Microsoft, and he has shared details about Microsoft’s plans in the past that have indeed been accurate. Following the report that Microsoft intends to launch Windows 9 in April, the hacker took to Twitter to claim that the stated timeframe is way off.

“Win 9 released in April 2015? No! No! No!” WZor wrote in a tweet picked up by Windows Phone Central. Instead, he says that the Windows 9 RTM build, which is a final software version released early to PC manufacturers so they can install it on their new PCs and get ready to ship them, will be issued in October.

Take this one with several grains of salt, but if it turns out to be true, it would be a pretty big shakeup.

Source: BGR

Arizona Willie

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Well, I don't know if Microsoft would issue Windows 9 due to unhappiness with Windows 8 ... but they certainly would do it to make MORE MONEY.

That is, after all, their business. They sell operating systems and some software programs.
They have to continuously produce new products or their cash flow would dry up.

I would think that, historically, they had the most sales of their operating system versions right after they came out and in the next year as people adopted the new system.

After a year or so, sales would slow drastically.

So --- they produce new versions every 2 to 3 years to keep the money flowing.

I don't think they are THAT worried about people not liking no Start button, especially when it is so easy and there are so many programs to add the Start button to Windows 8.


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Don't hate 8

Im happy with windows 8. I'm not getting windows 9 unless its got something I need. granted windows 8 does not work well with mouse and keyboard but on my surface, Damn its awesome. people are just scared of new things and trying them.

quite sad really. Im really happy Microsoft are trying something new and not just releasing windows 5 with a slightly newer look. lets face it if they carried on doing that id start calling them apple.