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Insiders reveal new Windows 9 details


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Russian group WZOR, a reliable source of Windows-related leaks, revealed various details about the future of Windows in a new report, Myce says. According to the group, Windows 8.1 Update 2 will launch later this year bringing the highly sought after Start menu back to the desktop operating system – the OS update could be launched as Windows 8.2 as well.

Once it’s back, the Start menu will be here to stay in Windows 9 as well. The button will be found on Windows 9 computers with touchscreens and without, and it will also be present in the new Metro interface.

WZOR also said that Windows 9 could launch as a free update to users according to some rumors, but there’s no confirmation yet.

Even more interestingly, the group said that Microsoft is working on an operating system based in the cloud – apparently called “Windows Cloud.” The client software would be available to users as a free download, and it might resemble earlier Windows Starter editions. More advanced features would then be available only when a subscription is purchased, and it would require an active Internet connection.

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Well, as encouraging as all this may be, I'd rather MS started off with making Modern UI apps into resizable and floating windows and not full screen as they currently are! I am ambivalent about the Start Menu (but I recognize that I may be in the minority in this). I would also rather MS released the Modern UI version of Office ASAP!!!!

But, thanks for the link.